31 AUGUST / 1 - 2 SEPTEMBER 2018



The Festival

 Music, Nature and Intimacy

Paral·lel Festival curates a musical selection based largely on uniqueness, promoting differentiated and disruptive musical paradigms. Our program explores experimental, ambient, and techno musical aesthetics over the course of 3 days on a single stage. Each performance will organically link the previous and subsequent performance, forming a narrative that weaves through a balanced day-and- night program.

An inspiring environment, the artists we book, and the comfort of our attendees are the three utmost central axes for our organization team. We aim to offer a novel and fulfilling experience for music lovers with our distinct and purposeful program.

Our gathering takes place in the Pre-Pyrenees Mountains, one hour and thirty minutes away from the city of Barcelona. This beautiful setting with stunning skyline allows us to offer distinct areas for performances, camping, rest, food and beverage services, including our Paral·lel Plus+ professional workshops.

We staunchly reject the motto “the more, the merrier”, and thus believe in a limited capacity of 1000 people, allowing us to prioritize audience comfort and the particularly intimate atmosphere of the festival. This is one of the main reasons why Paral·lel goes far beyond the traditional way we understand a music festival nowadays. We are therefore genuine and unique in this way.

The Paral·lel experience premises itself both upon passion for music and love for nature: a community feeling of respect impossible to find anywhere else. After two editions full of special moments, we must say we feel extremely passionate for what we consider now our Paral·lel family, a community of music lovers who share the same dream festival as we do.

The ticket pass for the festival covers 3 days of performances, more than 35 hours of music, and the possibility to camp at the festival premises from Friday to Monday. As part of our continuous aim for better services to our attendees every year, we offer shuttle bus services to and from Barcelona, food trucks and glamping tents.

Paral·lel Festival is a self-funded initiative, which is exclusively possible thanks to ticket sales, the dedication of festival organizers, and collaborators. With your contribution we will be able to ensure the quality of the line-up, offering you a better experience overall and keeping the festival spirit of truth.

Long life to Paral·lel!