We Will Be Back in 2022

Dear family 🤗

We would have liked to have been able to give you the news today that we would be celebrating the return to normality with a new edition of Paral·lel Festival, but unfortunately it will not be possible this summer once again. The fifth anniversary of Paral·lel will have to wait until 2022. 

In addition to the challenges and uncertainty still resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and the related restrictions applied to events, we are also dealing with some additional challenges related to the location and infrastructure. While we were confident that the festival could take place this year, and we eagerly started to work with this purpose, this combination of challenges forced us to reconsider and eventually decide to postpone our gathering with you one more year.

It has been a very difficult decision for us. Despite having the will to carry on with the celebration, the insecurity in knowing how we could hold it and the lack of clear regulations has finally made us decide to wait until next summer. Next Paral·lel will be our fifth anniversary, and we couldn't leave so many details to the fate of rules, limitations or restrictions.

We are sure that in 2022 we will be able to see again the Paral·lel we all wish for and celebrate that fifth anniversary as the occasion deserves.

All the best until then. We will miss you this year a lot.

Love 💚

Your Paral·lel Crew