Paral·lel is not only a music festival but a full experience that may encompass any idea you may want to propose.

From food services to art performances, decoration, illumination or selling your products, if you want to contribute to Paral·lel by offering what makes you unique, we will be very happy to listen to your proposal. Please let us know what you offer, why do you think that it fits with the Paral·lel community and if you would have any particular requirements to offer it. The more details you provide, the better we can analyze how it fits with the festival.

If you have a proposal for us please contact us at

If you would like to live the festival from within, there is always plenty of opportunities to help us in different organizational tasks.

Contribute with your time and skills and help us make Paral·lel a better festival!

If you want to volunteer in the Paral·lel please contact us at at

We are always short of hands, so let us know if you would like to become a member of the Paral·lel crew.

There will be openings for many services and tasks within the festival, just let us know your skills and experience to find the best fit. 

If you would like to work at the Paral·lel please contact us at at