Hotel El Jou s/n, 08694 Guardiola de Berguedà

The Paral·lel Festival takes place in a wonderful environment, surrounded by the sublime mountains of the catalan Prepyrenees and right in the middle of the Cadi-Moixeró natural park. The stage area is located at the top of a mountain, allowing for a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. 
Being in the middle of nature, we can use the festival premises to offer all kind of services. In addition to the stage and dance area, there is plenty of room for chill out zones, food and drink offers in the form of foodtrucks and bars, a roofed area for the Paral·lel Plus+ workshops and a huge area for camping and glamping.
In regards to the distance to the city, this location is about 130km north of Barcelona, just 1.5 hours drive from Barcelona.
Being in the heart of the mountains  does not mean that we do not make available basic services.
Showers with hot and cold water will be available in the camping area, along with plenty of portable wc for your moments of intimacy. 
The festival takes place within the premises of the hotel El Jou and its attached horse stables, and while access to it is limited to hotel guests, it will provide shelter and basic services in case of emergency.