Virtual Modular Systems by Ramir Martínez

Saturday, 1st of September

This year, we again collaborate with Microfusa. Together, we have organized two workshops focused on producing music with different tools and software. We believe that you will enjoy both workshops.

In this workshop we will learn to use one of the most similar software tools to modular analog environments: Reason. Best known in the field of production as a DAW focused on music creation with electronic devices, Reason hides a powerful secret: a connection system that emulates traditional modular systems, combining the latest generation of digital possibilities with emulation in the same software of control by voltage of digital devices.
With the help of Ramir Martínez (Kulyela) we will learn to use the rack of devices both for studio production and live performance, using the entire DAW as a true virtual modular system.

  • Microfusa

  • Duration: 1:30

  • Date: Saturday 1st of September

  • Time: 1:00 pm


Ramir Martínez (Kulyela) is an electronic engineer certified by the UPC. He teaches classes in Microfusa since 1993 in the areas of Sound, Production of Electronic Music and Live Performance, creating the contents of these last two areas. As a music producer and sound engineer he has been behind some of the productions and remixes of the most relevant bands of Barcelona such as Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules, Love Of Lesbian or Mishima, and he has been responsible and head of the Tsunami Music label for a decade.

His artistic career has taken on various names and dates since 1995. He has since then led various pop and electronic rock bands, including Groove Crew and Mandalas, and more recently Kulyela, a purely electronic project linked to breaks. He has published more than twenty works on various labels (Liquid Records, B-Core, Blood Sugar Records, Tsunami Music ...). He is currently immersed in a free-jazz and experimental electronics duo.
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