Computerless Music by Bruno Gallardo

Sunday, 2nd of September

This year, we again collaborate with Microfusa. Together, we have organized two workshops focused on producing music with different tools and software. We believe that you will enjoy both workshops.

In this second workshop of Microfusa we will explore different ways of producing music without a computer. Using exclusively analog instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers we will have a vision of the musical production outside the environment of DAW's and computers. Bruno Gallardo (Chawer, Qantic) will show through various instruments the creative reaches offered by the machines without a computer.

  • Microfusa

  • Duration: 1:30

  • Date: Sunday 2nd of September

  • Time: 1:00 pm



Bruno Gallardo is a Mexican DJ/producer who has been living in Barcelona for 3 years. He has a Diploma in Musical Production by Microfusa. At the end of his studies he started to work as a teacher within the same school for software subjects (Live, Reason, Logic) and musical production. As a producer, he currently works on two main projects. His alias Chawer, with whom he has been working for more than 15 years, focuses more on broken rhythms such as drum & bass and dubstep. Under this project he has published music on labels such as Liquid Flavors (Brazil), Anticlockwise (Spain), DLA Black (United Kingdom) or the label to which he currently belongs: True Color. This has led him to share the stage with great names from the media such as Digital, Maztek, Sam Binga, Deekline and many more, and in different cities around the world. On the other hand, he recently launched a second project under the alias of Qantic. As Qantic, he explores BPM's much more focused on the different aspects of house (tech / deep / progressive) and he recently released his debut EP on the Spanish label Swing Format.

Mixcloud Chawer / Soundcloud Chawer

Mixcloud Qantic / Soundcloud Qantic