Build your own hydrophone

by Mutan Monkey Instruments

Sunday, September 1 - 12.30h

Spanish/English - 120'

Exploration workshop around underwater sound, we will build a DIY hydrophone to capture the aquatic environment, we will collectively explore the possibilities and / or manipulation of sound through electronic systems and effects processing, a good way to get started in the wonderful universe of field recordings and So you can use your results as audio sources to create pieces and sound collages and / or ultimately collectively experiment with the sound.

A hydrophone is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts sound vibrations, present in the form of pressure inside water into electrical energy. With a hydrophone it is possible to record any sound phenomenon in an aquatic and underwater environment.

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MUTAN MONKEY INSTRUMENTS is a Sonic Lab of sound-Art based in Barcelona (Spain) that researches rare electronic music instruments made in every corner of the world. Mutan Monkey Instruments is a place to build, learn, share and experiment sound synthesis. All their works is made under two philosophies: DIY (Do it Yourself) and DIT (Do it Together).

MUTAN MONKEY INSTRUMENTS begins in Barcelona with the commitment to offer rare and high quality sound instruments, wagging for crafts, handmade and fondly works from wherever in the universe. MUTAN MONKEY is more than an online store, is an experimental sound lab where to build,learn, share and to experiment the sound synthesis.


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