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SATURDAY 31st August

From 11:00

Live Performance 1 | Play, Stop, Repeat

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'

First part of the collaborative workshop dedicated to a live and group session using audio samples. In this first part, basic concepts of a live show on a computer will be explained both from the technical and the artistic point of view (team VS. repertoire of musical themes).


From 13:00

Live Performance 2 | Mix and Process

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'

This workshop explores how to perform a live set mixing and processing tracks. In this workshop a collaborative configuration will be exposed so that the participants can intervene through different MIDI control surfaces (Push, Launchpad) over an Ableton Live session. The aim is processing audio tracks with all kinds of effects and carrying out a live set in-situ.​


SUNDAY 1st September

From 11:00

A story based approach to composing an album

by Wanderwelle  - English - 70'

Wanderwelle will dissect several tracks of previous and upcoming projects and focus on the elements that help telling stories. The duo discusses different approaches to setting the mood in tracks by using field recordings, melodies and other mysterious sounds.

​Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels, musically known as Wanderwelle, produce electronic music that balances between ambient and experimental techno. Ominous, mysterious and melancholic with an occasional spark of hope: the atmospheric sounds of Wanderwelle roam through a wide spectrum of feelings.

From 12:30

Build your own hydrophone

by Mutan Monkey Instruments - Spanish / English - 120'

Exploration workshop around underwater sound, we will build a DIY hydrophone to capture the aquatic environment, we will collectively explore the possibilities and / or manipulation of sound through electronic systems and effects processing, a good way to get started in the wonderful universe of field recordings and So you can use your results as audio sources to create pieces and sound collages and / or ultimately collectively experiment with the sound.

​A hydrophone is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts sound vibrations, present in the form of pressure inside water into electrical energy. With a hydrophone it is possible to record any sound phenomenon in an aquatic and underwater environment.

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