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Paral·lel Plus+ is our offer of professional workshops and creative sessions related to electronic music taking place the festival. In parallel to the performances we will invite professionals to talk about their projects at the festival premises.


Our aim is to support collaboration and networking between professionals within the sector, as well as to promote new devices and equipment to people interested in producing electronic music.

This year we will offer two Paral·lel Plus+ workshops:

Workshop 1: MICRODERIVAS by Arquea Colectivo

Workshop2: Interactive Sound Design by microFusa

Workshop 1: Saturday September 3rd, 11:00 AM (3 hours)

MICRODERIVAS: Audiovisual exploration workshop from the micro.

Workshop by Arquea Colectivo.

Microderivas is a DIWO (do it with others) workshop in which participants will build an audiovisual microscope using a webcam and a contact microphone. We will use these to explore the optical and sonic elements of the environment where the workshop takes place. We will see and hear the micro transformed into the macro. No previous knowledge of electronics or soldering is required.

Presentation: 30 minutes

Workshop: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Language: Español / English

Maximum participants: 15 

Cost of the kit: 60 euros covers the materials for the construction of a contact microphone, a webcam convertible into a microscope, as well as all support and instructions.

Do you want to participate? Write to with the subject “Paral-lel Plus+ and Arquea Colectivo” to reserve your kit before 15 August.























Arquea Colectivo is established at the intersections of sound creation, visual art, and biology. It is formed by Marzia Matarese, who leads the visual elements, and Patricia Usero, specializing in sound—both working in collaboration and complicity with fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms that participate in the creation process.








Each performance presents a unique and unrepeatable audiovisual story, as it is constructed from the exploration of living microscopic landscapes, subject to the transformations and changes of the organisms that inhabit them, as well as the decomposition of organic matter. 


The micro landscapes are comprised of a selection of different elements from the environment in which the piece is developed: fungi, bacteria, and yeasts present in the environment and cultivated in Petri dishes, samples of aquatic microorganisms, field recordings, and reconstruction of soundscapes made with modular synthesizers, DIY microphones, and self-made sound devices. The composition process is preceded by research work on the specific environment and a study of the samples and sound recordings captured in parks, reserves, conservation areas, and natural monuments.


The live visuals are made using self-built microscopic cameras. The video is projected via HDMI output (from a computer) onto the screen. If space conditions allow, the main feed can also be accompanied by video projections in different formats. The aim is to expand the narrative both in terms of scale and immersiveness (subversion of the relationships between the micro and the macro), as well as temporally, as this format allows for the linking of different stages in the life of the crops, moments in the process of creation, and to join asynchronous temporalities.    


Sonically, the set consists of a modular synthesizer as the main element through which the field recordings are filtered and mutated, creating hypnotic landscapes, drones, organic textures, and powerful subs.


Sometimes we have been able to count on the collaboration of other sound artists to bring the sound to a Surround Sound system, being this way of dealing with sound one of our lines of research.

Workshop 2: Sunday September 4th, 11:00 AM (2.5 hours)

Interactive sound design.

Workshop by Jordi Goberna and Ramir Martínez from microFusa school.

Collaborative workshop in which the speakers give an introduction to sound design using synthesizers, after which the participants will be able to interact with the sound design devices in a playful and intuitive way through a live session using a computer platform and MIDI controllers. Dare to twist the parameters of a synthesizer and have fun transforming the sound of an electronic instrument!

Presentation: 30 minutes

Workshop: 2 hours

Language: Español / English












Ramir Martínez is an experienced producer, disseminator, musician, and teacher in the field of music production and sound design. In addition to being an Ableton Certified Trainer, he has a long career at the microFusa school leading course design and the center's virtual learning environment, as well as being a specialist teacher in the area of electronic music production and music software (Ableton Live, Reason, Cubase, Native Instruments, Arturia, among others).

Jordi Goberna is an experienced DJ, music producer, and teacher in the field of sound creation using electronic instruments and computers. His extensive career as a techno DJ combined with his in-depth knowledge of the most relevant current DAWs are two of many aspects that factor into his role at microFusa, with expertise in electronic music production as well as DJing, and extensive knowledge of various software like Traktor, Serato DJ, rekordbox, Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Cubase, Logic Pro, and more.

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