Solarizator – solar-powered sonic machine

Saturday, 1st of September

For the first of our Paral·lel Plus+ 2018 professional workshops we are collaborating with Familiar, an artistic collective focused on the construction of sound devices, the modification of circuits, and retrocomputing for creative purposes.


In this workshop we are going to build a simple DIY/DIWO sound machine. No prior experience is required in order to successfully assemble and customize your unit, though previous knowledge will of course be helpful. The workshop is designed to start from scratch and step by step, so let yourself be intimidated!


The Solarizator is a sound generator device that is powered by a flexible photovoltaic cell so that you don’t need to use any external batteries. The frequency of the sound mainly changes according with the amount of light it captures.


We will start by getting familiar with some basic instructions as we open the kit containing all the necessary tools and components. During the workshop we will learn how to identify, measure, and solder the electronic components on the PCB using tools like soldering irons and multimeters.


Through this effervescent learning process we’ll experiment together to find different ways of modifying the sound from your unit by changing components from the circuit.


What’s inside the kit?


  • PCB (Printed-Circuit-Board), where you are going to place and solder all the resistors, sockets, capacitors, mini-jack and integrated circuit chip.

  • Photovoltaic cell. Flexible material that converts light in electricity.

  • Cables

  • Plexiglass tube with two lids


The workshop will be held by:


Patricia Usero (AKA Punta Laberinto), who is a self taught artist. She has worked illustrating children's educational books, organizing and producing festivals, making short films, teaching art workshops and manufacturing electronic devices. In 2007 she began to dive deeper into the sound field and the world of electronics, starting to design and build her own instruments. She also builds modular synthesizers and produces soundtracks for plays and performances. Patricia is also member of the board of “One Drone Day” festival (ODD).


Amber is a French sound engineer based in Barcelona. After years on the road organizing electronic music events, her passion for sound and shows pushed her to study sound engineering in Barcelona. She is FOH engineer at Laut and at Lliure Theater, and twice a year she works as a stage manager for Mutek Festival and IR Off Sonar Festival-Poble espanyol. She also works building electronics for modular synthesizers for Befaco, and has become a DIY synthesizer user as well, as it is impossible not to fall in love with their sound.


  • If you would like to assist without assembling your own unit, there are no associated costs.

  • If you want to assemble your own kit, send an email to with the subject “Paral·lel Festival” for further information. Kit price: 30€

  • Duration: 1:30

  • Date: Saturday 1st of September

  • Time: 11:00 am