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CYMATICS | Workshop by Puntalaberinto, Diego de León and Xavi Manzanares dAAX.

Bio | Puntalaberinto (Patricia Usero) 


Puntalaberinto (Patricia Usero) has been immersed in the sonic universe of modular synthesizers and the construction of DIY/DIWO instruments for more than a decade. She eventually teaches workshops on making small electro-acoustic instruments.

In his live performances he goes deep, trying to transform the sound experience into a physical and meditative instance.

He is part of Arquea Colectivo where he explores sonic immersivity by interweaving field recordings of natural environments and modularsynth.

IG: @puntalaberinto


Bio | Diego de León


Diego de León is a musician, sound technician, electronic luthier, sound synthesis teacher and co-founder of Befaco. 

Befaco is a manufacturer of modular synthesizers that also offers DIY/DIWO kits, organizes workshops and releases its designs under Creative Commons license.

IG: @befacosynth


Bio | Xavi Manzanares dAAX


Algorythmic Music / Creative Coding / New-Media

His research and collaborations are consolidated in projects that are situated in the New-Media / Art-Tech-Science practice. Some of them are: Witch+Lich (Befaco & Rebel Tech), Sonic Hypercube (Congoritme), Eixams (Obirar), SK8Sound (MobilityLab), TWFO (ESDI), Paisatges Aurals / Sonic Spaces (Bea Goller Arqs.).

Recently with the projects musIA i SentientS, he is investigating the relationships between Generative Algorithmy, Emergent Systems and ML associated to the emotional layer in Sonic and/or Interactive applications and instruments.

Ones Hàptiques is a creative research started in 2015 materialized in several instruments and a set of body immersion installations. This work is framed in algorithmic sound design applied to the binaural and haptic layer (body listening / vibrations).

IG + GitHub @xamanza

Electronic creation from nature sounds | Workshop by Microfusa

MicroFusa, School of Musical Tecnology and Sound


The MicroFusa School has a wide variety of courses and qualifications, each with different timetables and duration. In a short period of time, the students meet classmates with diverse knowledge and similar concerns with whom they can share and collaborate in present and, who knows, future projects.


At Microfusa, training is the key. That is why you will find a well-prepared teaching staff, with a high degree of experience in the subject and a great desire to teach. The students can get a very high performance from the theoretical and practical classes, where they will find good explanations and demonstrations.


At Microfusa we support the initiatives and projects of our students. We listen to those who have proposals, ideas, works? We understand that starting is not easy, but if we get an opportunity to do an internship in a company, a collaboration, a job... we will move forward to make it happen. We cannot guarantee the success of everyone, but we can guarantee that today there are many professionals in our sector who have gone through our training system.

IG: @microfusa_escuelas

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