2018 Edition



Paral·lel Festival presents Paral·lel Plus+,  our third edition of professional workshops and creative sessions related to electronic music during the festival. In parallel to the performances we will invite professionals to talk about their projects at the festival premises. Our aim is to support collaboration and networking between professionals within the sector, as well as to promote new devices and equipment to people interested in producing electronic music.


1st Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September 


11:00 am  Solarizator – Solar-Powered Sonic Machine

2nd Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September


1:00 pm  Virtual Modular Systems by Ramir Martínez

3rd Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September

11:00am Get familiar with Eurorack by

4th Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September


1:00 pm  Computerless Music by Bruno Gallardo