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1st Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September 


11:00 am  Solarizator – Solar-Powered Sonic Machine

For the first of our Paral·lel Plus+ 2018 professional workshops we are collaborating with Familiar, an artistic collective focused on the construction of sound devices, the modification of circuits, and retrocomputing for creative purposes.

In this workshop we are going to build a simple DIY/DIWO sound machine. No prior experience is required in order to successfully assemble and customize your unit, though previous knowledge will of course be helpful. The workshop is designed to start from scratch and step by step, so let yourself be intimidated!

The Solarizator is a sound generator device that is powered by a flexible photovoltaic cell so that you don’t need to use any external batteries. The frequency of the sound mainly changes according with the amount of light it captures.

2nd Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September


1:00 pm  Virtual Modular Systems by Ramir Martínez

​In this workshop we will learn to use one of the most similar software tools to modular analog environments: Reason. Best known in the field of production as a DAW focused on music creation with electronic devices, Reason hides a powerful secret: a connection system that emulates traditional modular systems, combining the latest generation of digital possibilities with emulation in the same software of control by voltage of digital devices.
With the help of Ramir Martínez (Kulyela) we will learn to use the rack of devices both for studio production and live performance, using the entire DAW as a true virtual modular system.

3rd Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September

11:00am Get familiar with Eurorack by

This workshop will be about the basics of an Eurorack synthesizer and will show how to perform based on the example of an synthesizer.

​ has been in the Eurorack market since 2012.

In the fall of 2017 they relocated to a new place, which is called Space. It is located at C/ Mallorca 636, local 10-11 in Barcelona, and it is open for artists' projects and clients who want to test (appointment required). They are based in the quiet area of El Clot in Barcelona, close to industrial El Poblenou, around 3-4 km to the city center.

​Occasionally there are events happening in the Space, such as for example Modular Cafe Barcelona, which is the local version of the online underground Japanese Modular Cafe live streaming show.

4th Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September


1:00 pm  Computerless Music by Bruno Gallardo

In this second workshop of Microfusa we will explore different ways of producing music without a computer. Using exclusively analog instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers we will have a vision of the musical production outside the environment of DAW's and computers. Bruno Gallardo (Chawer, Qantic) will show through various instruments the creative reaches offered by the machines without a computer.

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