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Paral·lel Plus+ is our offer of professional workshops and creative sessions related to electronic music taking place during the festival. In parallel to the performances we will invite professionals to talk about their projects at the festival premises.


Our aim is to support collaboration and networking between professionals within the sector, as well as to promote new devices and equipment to people interested in producing electronic music.

Workshop 1: Saturday 10th August 11:00 h (2 hours)



The Earth's electromagnetic field is a region that surrounds the Earth formed by the lines of force generated by the interaction between the planet's magnetic and electric fields. It protects the Earth from solar radiation and allows for the maintenance of an atmosphere suitable for life. It is generated from the Earth's outer core electrical dynamo, composed of conducting materials in constant motion due to the planet's rotation. Its functioning is crucial for protecting the Earth against charged particles from the solar wind, deflecting them and producing the auroras borealis and australis.

In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between the Earth's electromagnetism and electronic music through the construction of devices such as coils, antennas, and galena radio. We will conduct practical experiments to capture the frequencies of electromagnetic fields and convert them into audible sound signals, allowing us to experiment with the generation of sounds from electromagnetic phenomena.

Workshop taught by Diego de Leon co-founder Befacosynth and Patricia Usero aka Puntalaberinto sound artist.


Language: Castellano / Català / English

Start: 11:00 h

Duration: 2 hours

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Workshop 2: Sunday 11th August 11:00 h (2 hours)

MICROFUSA: TECHNO PRODUCTION | Workshop by Joton with Arturia devices

This workshop is an interactive and collaborative experience where you can immerse yourself in the creative and technical process of music production.

In a small and collaborative group we will create a techno track from scratch. We will design rhythms, melodies, apply effects, and structure to your track under the expert guidance of Joton and with Arturia's devices: synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, software, and more. Additionally, you will be able to present your creation and receive constructive feedback to perfect your music.

Joton, a DJ and producer from León, Spain, is known for his dark and futuristic techno style. With more than two decades in the underground electronic scene and performances in over 30 countries, his tracks have been released on prestigious labels and supported by big names like Ben Klock and Dave Clarke. Joton also dedicates his time to education, helping to nurture aspiring producers with his vast knowledge and experience.

Language: Castellano / Català / English

Start: 11:00 h

Duration: 2 hours


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