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2023 Edition

Saturday, September 2nd

CYMATICS | Workshop by Puntalaberinto, Diego de León and Xavi Manzanares dAAX.


Cymatics is the representation of sound and vibration in visual form. The generic term for this field of science is the study of modal phenomena, renamed cymatics by Hans Jenny (1904-1972).

One of the first people to record that an oscillating body displayed regular patterns was Galileo Galilei in 1632. 


In this workshop we will explore vibrational modal phenomena through various experiments with transducers, loudspeakers, different materials and modular synthesizers.


We will build artefacts based on the plates of Ernst Florenz Friedrich Chladni (1756 - 1956) founder of acoustics, where the surface of a plate, diaphragm or membrane is vibrated and regions of maximum and minimum displacement appear in a thin covering of particles, paste or liquid. Different patterns appear in the medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the frequency of the vibration.

We will visualise the patterns in liquids, metal, non-Newtonian fluids and we will be able to feel these waves on our bodies.

Through experimentation we can observe the effects of sound and consequently of vibration waves in different physical media.


Sunday, September 3rd

Electronic creation from nature sounds | Workshop by Microfusa

Using samples obtained in the forest in real time, we will work on different sound manipulation strategies to convert the different textures captured into the base sounds of an electronic musical theme. 


This workshop has two distinct parts, first we will go into nature where we will capture the sounds and then using the re-synthesis capacity of current software we will use these samples to develop a musical idea.



2022 Edition

Saturday September 3rd

MICRODERIVAS: Audiovisual exploration workshop from the micro.

Workshop by Arquea Colectivo.

Microderivas is a DIWO (do it with others) workshop in which participants will build an audiovisual microscope using a webcam and a contact microphone. We will use these to explore the optical and sonic elements of the environment where the workshop takes place. We will see and hear the micro transformed into the macro. No previous knowledge of electronics or soldering is required.

Sunday September 4th

Interactive sound design.

Workshop by Jordi Goberna and Ramir Martínez from microFusa school.

Collaborative workshop in which the speakers give an introduction to sound design using synthesizers, after which the participants will be able to interact with the sound design devices in a playful and intuitive way through a live session using a computer platform and MIDI controllers. Dare to twist the parameters of a synthesizer and have fun transforming the sound of an electronic instrument!

2019 Edition

SATURDAY 31st August

From 11:00

Live Performance 1 | Play, Stop, Repeat

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'

First part of the collaborative workshop dedicated to a live and group session using audio samples. In this first part, basic concepts of a live show on a computer will be explained both from the technical and the artistic point of view (team VS. repertoire of musical themes).


From 13:00

Live Performance 2 | Mix and Process

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'

This workshop explores how to perform a live set mixing and processing tracks. In this workshop a collaborative configuration will be exposed so that the participants can intervene through different MIDI control surfaces (Push, Launchpad) over an Ableton Live session. The aim is processing audio tracks with all kinds of effects and carrying out a live set in-situ.​


SUNDAY 1st September

From 11:00

A story based approach to composing an album

by Wanderwelle  - English - 70'

Wanderwelle will dissect several tracks of previous and upcoming projects and focus on the elements that help telling stories. The duo discusses different approaches to setting the mood in tracks by using field recordings, melodies and other mysterious sounds.

​Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels, musically known as Wanderwelle, produce electronic music that balances between ambient and experimental techno. Ominous, mysterious and melancholic with an occasional spark of hope: the atmospheric sounds of Wanderwelle roam through a wide spectrum of feelings.

From 12:30

Build your own hydrophone

by Mutan Monkey Instruments - Spanish / English - 120'

Exploration workshop around underwater sound, we will build a DIY hydrophone to capture the aquatic environment, we will collectively explore the possibilities and / or manipulation of sound through electronic systems and effects processing, a good way to get started in the wonderful universe of field recordings and So you can use your results as audio sources to create pieces and sound collages and / or ultimately collectively experiment with the sound.

​A hydrophone is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts sound vibrations, present in the form of pressure inside water into electrical energy. With a hydrophone it is possible to record any sound phenomenon in an aquatic and underwater environment.

2018 Edition

1st Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September 


11:00 am  Solarizator – Solar-Powered Sonic Machine

For the first of our Paral·lel Plus+ 2018 professional workshops we are collaborating with Familiar, an artistic collective focused on the construction of sound devices, the modification of circuits, and retrocomputing for creative purposes.

In this workshop we are going to build a simple DIY/DIWO sound machine. No prior experience is required in order to successfully assemble and customize your unit, though previous knowledge will of course be helpful. The workshop is designed to start from scratch and step by step, so let yourself be intimidated!

The Solarizator is a sound generator device that is powered by a flexible photovoltaic cell so that you don’t need to use any external batteries. The frequency of the sound mainly changes according with the amount of light it captures.

2nd Workshop - Saturday, 1st of September


1:00 pm  Virtual Modular Systems by Ramir Martínez

​In this workshop we will learn to use one of the most similar software tools to modular analog environments: Reason. Best known in the field of production as a DAW focused on music creation with electronic devices, Reason hides a powerful secret: a connection system that emulates traditional modular systems, combining the latest generation of digital possibilities with emulation in the same software of control by voltage of digital devices.
With the help of Ramir Martínez (Kulyela) we will learn to use the rack of devices both for studio production and live performance, using the entire DAW as a true virtual modular system.

3rd Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September

11:00am Get familiar with Eurorack by

This workshop will be about the basics of an Eurorack synthesizer and will show how to perform based on the example of an synthesizer.

​ has been in the Eurorack market since 2012.

In the fall of 2017 they relocated to a new place, which is called Space. It is located at C/ Mallorca 636, local 10-11 in Barcelona, and it is open for artists' projects and clients who want to test (appointment required). They are based in the quiet area of El Clot in Barcelona, close to industrial El Poblenou, around 3-4 km to the city center.

​Occasionally there are events happening in the Space, such as for example Modular Cafe Barcelona, which is the local version of the online underground Japanese Modular Cafe live streaming show.

4th Workshop - Sunday, 2nd of September


1:00 pm  Computerless Music by Bruno Gallardo

In this second workshop of Microfusa we will explore different ways of producing music without a computer. Using exclusively analog instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers we will have a vision of the musical production outside the environment of DAW's and computers. Bruno Gallardo (Chawer, Qantic) will show through various instruments the creative reaches offered by the machines without a computer.

2017 Edition

Saturday, 2nd of September 

Ableton Live

11am  / Pedro Pina

Ableton Live has become the favorite tool both for electronic music creation and for live performances. In this workshop held by Pedro Pina, from Cutoof Pro Audio, it will be shown why Ableton Live is such an essential tool for so many artists. Moreover by integrating this with dedicated tools such as Push, creativity an the possibilities that Ableton Live offers are virtually infinite in any stage of the creative process, starting from music creation to the stage of production or mixing. As it is a tool designed right from the start to work in real time any time, different techniques will be seen to prepare a live performance



Brief introduction to modular synthesizers followed by Q&A. Then a demo-concert will be arranged. Another Q&A will follow to end up. The idea of having two rounds of Q&A before and after the demo with sound is to encourage the assistants to interact and to explain how the things they have listened to were made.

Sunday, 3rd of September 

Arturia MatrixBrute 

11am  / Tom Watt aka Fitzroy North

The talk will cover an introduction to the instrument followed by a demonstration of how to achieve specific sounds and effects such as leads, bass, percussion etc. The demo will touch on subtractive, additive and FM synthesis, all as tools to create sounds from scratch.

Fast Beats With Circuit

1pm  / Tony Lenz

The talk will cover an introduction to the instrument followed by a demonstration of how to achieve specific sounds and effects such as leads, bass, percussion etc. The demo will touch on subtractive, additive and FM synthesis, all as tools to create sounds from scratch.

2016 Edition


Befaco is a modular synthesizer manufacturer from Barcelona. It's an artistic collective founded in 2010 and based in Hangar artistic production center, that focuses in eurorack synth modules and DIY culture.

Organizing workshops has been the main activity for six years, introducing musicians into electronics and helping electronic enthusiasts to get into music via their musical instruments.


Nowadays this collective has a worldwide recognition in the international synth scene. Their modules are distributed in Europe US and Japan and they are doing regular workshops in cities as Berlin, Tokyo or London.

Befaco will be presenting their modular synth, their philosophy and their designs in a 45 minutes’ demo speech.


As the best way to demonstrate the capabilities of an electronic instrument is thru sound, this presentation will lead to a demo of their system. Some patches and sound design ideas and an introduction to modular synths and its implementation in a production studio or live rig.





Saturday from 11 am at Cal Companyó.


Oval is a music instrument that is part of the last bunch of expressive MIDI instruments aiming to get a kind of organic and intuitive interpretation. Thus, they use the newest generation of responsive sensors.


Oval works connected to an app for smartphones, tablets and computers. Inspired in the family of acoustic instruments Hand Pads, it allows total freedom to create sounds, and it is a tool devoted for learning and musical interpretation. Oval’s production has been financed through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.


Oval is a project developed by Ovalsound company, created in 2014 by the well-known hang player Ravid Goldschmidtand and by engineer and creative tech Alex Posada, who belongs to MID interaction design studio.

Alex Posada and Ravid Goldschmidt will be presenting the process of creation, design, funding and production of the project, and they will be performing an instrument demo.





Sunday from 11 am at Cal Companyó.

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