2016 Edition



Paral·lel Festival presents Paral·lel Plus+,  our first professional workshops and creative sessions related to electronic music during the festival. In parallel to the performances we have invited two different guests to talk about their projects at the festival premises. Our aim is to support collaboration and networking between professionals within the sector, as well as to promote new devices and equipment to people interested in the scene. The two platforms that will be joining us on this edition of Paral·lel Plus+ are Befaco and Oval.



Befaco is a modular synthesizer manufacturer from Barcelona. It's an artistic collective founded in 2010 and based in Hangar artistic production center, that focuses in eurorack synth modules and DIY culture.


Organizing workshops has been the main activity for six years, introducing musicians into electronics and helping electronic enthusiasts to get into music via their musical instruments.


Nowadays this collective has a worldwide recognition in the international synth scene. Their modules are distributed in Europe US and Japan and they are doing regular workshops in cities as Berlin, Tokyo or London.

Befaco will be presenting their modular synth, their philosophy and their designs in a 45 minutes’ demo speech.


As the best way to demonstrate the capabilities of an electronic instrument is thru sound, this presentation will lead to a demo of their system. Some patches and sound design ideas and an introduction to modular synths and its implementation in a production studio or live rig.





Saturday from 11 am at Cal Companyó.


Oval is a music instrument that is part of the last bunch of expressive MIDI instruments aiming to get a kind of organic and intuitive interpretation. Thus, they use the newest generation of responsive sensors.


Oval works connected to an app for smartphones, tablets and computers. Inspired in the family of acoustic instruments Hand Pads, it allows total freedom to create sounds, and it is a tool devoted for learning and musical interpretation. Oval’s production has been financed through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.


Oval is a project developed by Ovalsound company, created in 2014 by the well-known hang player Ravid Goldschmidtand and by engineer and creative tech Alex Posada, who belongs to MID interaction design studio.

Alex Posada and Ravid Goldschmidt will be presenting the process of creation, design, funding and production of the project, and they will be performing an instrument demo.





Sunday from 11 am at Cal Companyó.