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  • If you haven't done so yet, please fill in the application form here: Volunteering Application Form. We will review your application and will contact you with a proposal based on the information provided. 

  • Please note that filling in the application form is not a guarantee for a volunteering position. We will send you a confirmation via e-mail, if we can offer you a spot. 

  • Volunteers book their spot with a deposit equivalent to the ticket fee. We will send you instructions for the purchase of the volunteer ticket via e-mail, once we have confirmed the spot for you. If you had already purchased your entrance ticket, don't worry - just let us know in the form or at:

  • We will reimburse you the cost of the entrance ticket / volunteer ticket after the festival, once you have completed all your shifts. Please note that the handling fee of our ticket provider can not be refunded.

  • Failing to perform your volunteer shifts does not only mean that you do not get your deposit back, but it may also entail the expulsion from the festival.    

  • We compensate your hard work with a free ticket. Please note that transport and accommodation (except free camping) are not included. These services can be booked here.


  • Your support is very valuable to us, and we count on it to run the festival. Please note that if you do not show up to your shifts, or you are unfit to carry out your duties, this is creating a problem for us, and this may impact the experience of all the festival attendees.

Description of volunteering support

  • Volunteering is an opportunity to live Paral·lel from a different perspective, helping the organization with different tasks, which may include:

    • Setting up the infrastructure the days before the festival,

    • Helping out with organizational tasks,

    • Assisting with the logistics on arrival (directions, parking, camping, etc.)

    • Helping coordinate bus departures

    • Welcoming the public and assisting the InfoPoint

    • Supporting glamping check-outs

    • Helping us keep the festival premises clean supporting the Green Team

      * Please note that helping at the bar is no longer included as part of            volunteering tasks

  • The support will be typically provided in 2 or 3 short shifts, adding up to 12hours in total.

  • When assigning tasks, we will be considering the info you have provided to us considering experience, interests, and the availability that you have indicated. Please be mindful that there is a wide set of tasks and times when we require support, and we will need to assign those too.​

We will provide:

  • We will give you a volunteering T-shirt and wristband to identify you as volunteer

  • During your shifts, we will also provide you with a sandwich / snack and water to ensure you stay fit.  

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