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Paral·lel Festival presents Paral·lel Plus+, our fourth edition of professional workshops and creative sessions related to electronic music during the festival. In parallel to the performances we will invite professionals to talk about their projects at the festival premises. Our aim is to support collaboration and networking between professionals within the sector, as well as to promote new devices and equipment to people interested in producing electronic music.


SATURDAY 31st August

From 11:00

Live Performance 1 | Play, Stop, Repeat

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'


From 13:00

Live Performance 2 | Mix and Process

by Microfusa - Spanish / English - 90'


SUNDAY 1st September

From 11:00

A story based approach to composing an album

by Wanderwelle  - English - 70'

From 12:30

Build your own hydrophone

by Mutan Monkey Instruments - Spanish / English - 120'